Stop the bus

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It will be a short story today. This morning I was walking to the bus stop when I saw my bus at the corner and managed to get across one set of lights but was stuck at the corner waiting to cross while the light turned green for the bus to advance. On every other occasion when this had happened in the past, the bus never stopped or waited despite my futile attempts to wave and signal it to stop. Today, however, when the light turned green to let both of us go, the bus stopped in the middle of the intersection and the doors magically opened to let me get on. Given that I was wearing somewhat high wedge sandals, I wasn’t exactly sprinting toward the door, but the driver didn’t seem to mind. Maybe it was the Barbie effect and maybe it wasn’t…but it was a great way to start the day.

And by the way, I am apparently not alone in my pursuit of all things Barbie –

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